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Expelled for saying the unsayable

Labour Party Marxists attracted much praise and support from delegates at the Labour Party conference, in particular because of the excellent ‘Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism’ article written by Moshé Machover. Since then the right has taken its revenge. Around the country anyone who has expressed a liking for the LPM online or forwarded an article could well be on the receiving end of an expulsion letter. One of them is Moshé Machover. LPM’s Reg Kingston spoke to him


Progress; Expelled; Referendum; Notwithstanding; Now free him; Annihilation; Not in the bag; Devastating

Don’t be disheartened

Despite the outrageous expulsion of Moshé Machover, writes Tony Greenstein, Labour’s pro-Zionists are increasingly isolated

Abolish the standing army, establish a citizen force

James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists takes issue with shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry and the repentant Trotskyite, Paul Mason

Taking elections seriously

In his second talk at the Labour Party Marxists’ and CPGB’s Communist University, August H Nimtz looked at Lenin’s approach to the tsar’s first two dumas

Capitulating to xenophobia

The Renzi government is now competing with the far right when it comes to migrants, writes Toby Abse

A Marxist philosopher

Hillel Ticktin remembers István Mészáros, December 19 1930 - October 1 2017

Dangerous games

There is a perverse rationality to the Spanish repression of the Catalan independence campaign, writes Paul Demarty

Not complaining

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