WW archive > Issue 1170 - 14 September 2017

Not enforcing juche

In the last analysis North Korea’s ‘rogue state’ status results from US strategic requirements, writes Mike Macnair


Shibboleth; Overboard; Reminder; Our heritage; Pay rise now; Kick in the guts

Nationalism and imperial power

The Kurdish independence referendum is not a welcome development, writes Yassamine Mather

Where next for the ANC?

Are there hopeful signs amidst the poverty and corruption? South African socialist, author and journalist Terry Bell addressed a London Communist Forum on September 10

Dirty Des bows out

As Trinity Mirror prepares to buy the Express and Star titles, William Kane looks at the state of the press

Rearming the April theses

With the help of some new insights, Rex Dunn argues that Lars T Lih’s continuity theory does not stand up, despite the new evidence he has uncovered

Strange battle lines

David Sherrief says that the Tories are acting against the interests of big capital. Expect compromises and gruelling late-night sittings


Weekly Worker supporters are celebrating the Russian Revolution's centenary in various way, says Robbie Rix, why not join them by handing over some cash?

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