WW archive > Issue 1169 - 07 September 2017

Computer says no

Paul Demarty asks why we insist on treating our computers like gods


1917; Anti-social; Dissolution

Part and parcel of global capital

Instead of creating illusions in ‘regime change from above’, writes Yassamine Mather, we must offer support and solidarity to workers like Reza Shahabi

Apologists for mass murder

The Morning Star is still in denial about the Marikana massacre, writes Peter Manson

Possibilities and challenges

Are Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn and Marine Le Pen from the same mould? Kevin Bean completes his analysis

Left wing of the permissible

As the Democratic Socialists of America begin to make an impact, Jim Creegan analyses the politics of its founder, Michael Harrington

Don’t abandon Palestinian cause

The National Policy Forum wants to end Labour’s opposition to the occupation, writes Tony Greenstein

First Harvey, now Irma

How many times must the American south be flooded before the political class drops its ecological complacency? A few more yet, worries Ira Wiseman

With your help

Robbie Rix reports back

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