WW archive > Issue 1168 - 31 August 2017

Our lady of the tabloids

Twenty years on, Britain is still not over the death of Diana Spencer. Paul Demarty investigates the cult of the ‘people’s princess’


Opportunism; Enlightened ; Compass; Social being; Safe passage; Fast and furious

Understanding the ‘populist moment’

Populism has been used as a catch-all definition covering everyone from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to Evo Morales and Rodrigo Duterte. But what is populism and what is its historical background? Kevin Bean gives some answers

Pisapia’s deadly embrace

How productive will Italy’s latest ‘left unity’ project turn out to be? Toby Abse investigates

Lenin glosses the April theses

In this fifth part of his series, Lars T Lih focuses on Lenin’s April 21 1917 Pravda article, ‘A basic question’

Lenin refutes a misreading of the April theses

Reproducing a historic polemic

Giving 1917 real meaning

Chris Gray reviews: China Miéville, October: the story of the Russian Revolution, Verso, 2017, pp369, £18.99

Not a religious approach

Our aim is to have serious debate, Peter Manson reports, and this year’s CU certainly came up to the mark in terms of the quality of the speakers

Stepping up to the plate

Peter Manson reports on Communist University 2017 and the end of the Summer Offensive

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