WW archive > Issue 1165 - 27 July 2017

Towards a Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation

The disclosure of the BBC list of highest paid ‘stars’ raises the question: what is the corporation for? William Kane investigates


Discredit; Rubbed my eyes; Polish left; Peakist; Torture; Coming out

Supplement: Thirteen to two?

Did the Petrograd Bolsheviks overwhelmingly reject Lenin’s April theses when they were first proposed? The records show otherwise, argues Lars T Lih

Opening up possibilities

Leila Lilazi looks back at the Bernie Sanders phenomenon and can still feel the fire burning

Racialism and eugenics

In the second article in a four-part series Mike Belbin looks at the many and varied classifications of race

Workers and soldiers: everything ‘in our favour’

‘1917: The view from the streets’ - leaflets of the Russian Revolution, No16-17

Check out, but never leave

The reality of Brexit is starting to become apparent, writes Eddie Ford. And the government is increasingly under pressure from big business

Expect a call!

The CPGB's Summer Offensive is picking up the pace, says Peter Manson

Supplement: Two excerpts from VN Zalezhskii’s ‘First legal PK’ published in Proletarskaia revoliutsiia, 1923, No1 (13)

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