WW archive > Issue 116 - 02 November 1995

Health chiefs play god

The Queen’s speech on November 11 will detail cuts in benefit and attacks on welfare. The new cutting consensus is agreed on one thing - our health must be rationed


Deserves better; Better still; Consistent CAG; Communist league

Don’t drop rapprochement

Bob Smith for a permanent Party Polemic Committee

Mere numbers on a page

None of our business

What kind of party?

The following article was sent as a contribution to the Morning Star's debate on the way forward for the left

Strangled passion

Helen Ellis reviews 'Trouble sleeping' by Nick Ward (Warehouse Theatre until November 12)

Australian Cliffite group splits

Marcus Larsen of the Communist Party Advocates reports from Australia

Sylvia Pankhurst’s imprisonment

From 'The Communist', paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, November 4 1920

Left wing activity or communist work?

When the entire Gravesend branch resigned from the Socialist Workers Party, we printed an edited version of their resignation letter (Weekly Worker 111). Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group discusses recent documents by two former members

TUC wide of the mark

Smash all immigration controls

Face of privatised healthcare

Canada - close to the edge

Business as normal

Fighting fund

Linda Addison reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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