WW archive > Issue 1159 - 15 June 2017

Things have just got even better

The unexpected general election result has considerably weakened the Tories and strengthened Jeremy Corbyn’s position. The left has a real chance of transforming the Labour Party into a united front of a special kind, says James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists


Gagging order; PCS affiliation; Republican unity; Pathetic; We dig coal

Bloodied, but not broken

Paul Demarty examines the media’s role in May’s humiliation

Blow to separatism

The Tory revival north of the border exposes the failure of left nationalism, writes Eddie Ford

Pact with the devil?

Will a deal with the DUP mean an end to the so-called peace process? Anne McShane investigates

May’s fatal miscalculation

Corbyn must press home his advantage after June 8, urges Tony Greenstein

Parallel campaign delivers win

One the greatest upsets of the election took place in Sheffield Hallam, where a pro-Corbyn candidate defeated Nick Clegg. Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists reports

Help needed

Robbie Rix hopes to see increased eyeballs turning into increased donations

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