WW archive > Issue 1156 - 25 May 2017

The Manchester bombing

Statement from the PCC of the CPGB


All must go; More Zen; For real?; Pay off; No Muslim, bruv; Hilarious; History boys; Our EU?; Italia

Pensioners sidelined by atrocity

The Tory manifesto’s attacks on the elderly is no longer in the headlines - but Paul Demarty wonders why such risks were taken

Fudging the Labour Party

Carla Roberts and William Sarsfield of Labour Party Marxists spoke to Hudson Leigh, a leftwing delegate to the 2017 annual conference of the Public and Commercial Services union in Brighton

Sectarianism and secession

Programmatically weak politics only helped reinforce the CPGB’s ultimate sectarianism after its re-entry into the Labour Party in the late 1930s, writes Lawrence Parker

The music inside ourselves

Max Grierson reviews: Julian Barnes, 'The noise of time' Vintage, 2016, pp192, £7.99

Wait until 2018

It seems quite possible that Donald Trump will not survive his full term, writes Peter Manson. But don’t expect any formal moves towards impeachment just yet

Will Macron have a majority?

In June there will be a general election in France as well as the UK. René Gimpel looks at the main contenders

Still an imperialist target

Yassamine Mather analyses the significance of Hassan Rouhani’s re-election

Best on the left

Robbie Rix welcomes some big hitters and takes some praise

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