Aim to be a party of extreme opposition

That a Corbyn-led Labour Party would trail way behind in the polls was always eminently predictable. Nevertheless, says James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists, too many on the left are in a panic, are clutching at straws and are sadly deluding themselves about Labour’s manifesto

If the pollsters are to be believed, the Tories are set for a June 8 victory. A recent ORB/Telegraph poll of polls puts them on 47%, Labour 29%, the Liberal Democrats 9% and Ukip 5%.1 Explaining such a huge Tory lead is easy.

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Historic PCS; Wreckers; Pathetic; Peak ignorance; Green-washing; Big crunch; Smash unionism; Unrest; Psychedelic vote

The roads to Wannacry

How could an amateurish cyber-attack take down the NHS? Paul Demarty dons his black hat

Dictatorship and ‘democracy’

Yassamine Mather reports on the final days of the presidential election campaign

Up close and personal

The CPGB’s mass entry work in the Labour Party in the late 1930s has been partially obscured by delusions associated with popular frontism, writes Lawrence Parker

With a whimper

Labour’s proposals on union rights amount to mere tinkering, writes Mike Macnair

Keynes or Marx?

What is capital’s driving force? Michael Roberts explores the profit-investment nexus

A route out of paralysis

Is Turkey ‘on the road to fascism’? Such talk is utterly counterproductive, argues Esen Uslu

Not complaining

Give Robbie Rix an extra reason to be happy next week

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