WW archive > Issue 1150 - 13 April 2017

False memory syndrome

Far from being disproved by 1917, the standing programme of Bolshevism found vindication, argues Jack Conrad


Really Palestine; Fault line; No quarter; No-brainer; Deceit; Enemy at home; Achievement; Post-Keynesian; Dark Ages; Branding; Great unrest; Library ticket; Bye-bye

What happened to ‘America first’?

Establishment opinion has welcomed the new ‘sensible’ Donald Trump, who has acted ‘decisively’ on Syria. Eddie Ford reports

Defend Livingstone against the witch-hunt

The April 9 London Communist Forum featured two opening speakers. Each comrade took a particular angle on the ‘Anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism’ lie

Digging our own hole

The left itself must take some responsibility for the Ken Livingstone debacle, argues Paul Demarty

Stand up with us, Jeremy

This open letter to Jeremy Corbyn protesting against the bogus ‘anti-Semitism’ campaign was originally signed by 104 Labour Party members

Aiming to sideline ‘reformists’

Tehran’s conservative factions are trying every trick in the book to oust Hassan Rouhani. Yassamine Mather reports on the build-up to the May 19 presidential elections

Good cause

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