Don’t be a fan club

William Sarsfield of Labour Party Marxists calls for a serious fight to transform Labour

The dramatic events in Momentum over the past few months have revealed the crassly undemocratic ethos that informs the approach of Jon Lansman - effectively the ‘owner’ of the organisation. Predictably, the right’s victory in the Februaryopinion poll-turned-plebiscite, used to justify the imposition of a bureaucratic constitution, has prompted a wave of demoralisation, falling numbers at Momentum meetings and a growing atmosphere of denunciations and restrictions on debate directed against “the enemy”, as the Momentum left is now being dubbed by some - with the blessing of the national centre, it seems.

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Face it; Mad?; Fraud; Percentages; Budget for rich; Heroes; No prosecutions

What was Straight Left?

Lawrence Parker investigates the political origins of Jeremy Corbyn’s director and deputy director of strategy and communications

Zionist attack on free speech

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign must oppose bogus definitions of ‘anti-Semitism’, argues Tony Greenstein

Huge demo boosts fightback

After the ‘biggest ever’ pro-NHS event, writes Peter Manson, what we need now is winning politics

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Kevin Bean looks at the possibilities for Sinn Féin following the assembly elections

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What was the truth about Soviet art? Rex Dunn looks at the real reasons behind its decay

How women’s protest launched the revolution

Introducing: ‘1917: the view from the streets’ - leaflets of the Russian Revolution, No5

All or nothing

Erdoğan is going for bust in an attempt to cling onto power, writes Esen Uslu

Toilet-paper labour

Thomas Klikauer reviews: David Macaray, 'Night shift - 270 factory stories', CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2015, pp360, $17.99

Divisions over unity

Squabbles in the British anti-Trump campaign say much about the forces involved, reckons Paul Demarty - and little of it good

Just as good!

Money from marches, subs, or donations: Robbi Rix says it is all just as good

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