WW archive > Issue 1144 - 02 March 2017

The inferno erupts

The struggle for women’s liberation cannot be left to the feminists. The Russian Revolution shows that women’s liberation and the struggle for socialism are inseparable, argues Anne McShane


Egregious; Chauvinist; Cheerleaders; What happened?; Every bit as bad; No illusions; Marxist escorts

Inconsistently democratic

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports on the CLPD annual conference

Tories winning Brexit battle

Stoke and Copeland shows the growing ascendency of the Tory Party, writes Eddie Ford

March … and then?

Defending the NHS requires party politics, argues Mike Macnair

In Trump's sights

Yassamine Mather reports on the formation of a ‘NATO’ type alliance against Iran

Scapegoating foreigners

Cosatu calls for tighter immigration controls in response to township violence. Peter Manson reports

Reckless Renzi provokes split

With the splintering of the centre-left, the door has been opened wide for Grillo and the right, writes Toby Abse

At war with fourth estate

The left needs more weapons in its armoury than street demonstrations, argues Paul Demarty

Month to remember

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