WW archive > Issue 1138 - 19 January 2017

Steele’s very British coup

Whatever the truth of the salacious details, the Trump dossier is a reminder that the state is not politically neutral, argues Jim Grant


Counterrevolution; Not face value; Substance; Do both; The candidate; Ridiculous

Fake claims blown apart

Al Jazeera’s The lobby exposes the establishment’s ‘anti-Semitism’ claims for what they are, writes Tony Greenstein

Revolution and counterrevolution

In this article, based on a presentation to Communist University 2016, Kevin Bean examines the subjective and objective factors that prevented the development of a powerful working class republicanism in Ireland

Deal or no deal?

Theresa May feels forced, despite herself, to go for a ‘clean’ Brexit, argues Eddie Ford

Rasputin and Little Red Riding Hood

Claims that the Five Star Movement is some kind of leftwing formation have been well and truly exposed, writes Toby Abse

Reason in revolt

Lawrence Parker reviews: Paul Flewers and John McIlroy (editors) 1956: John Saville, EP Thompson and The Reasoner Merlin Press, 2016, pp450, £20.

Apples and pears

Rex Dunn reviews: James Ensor exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, ends January 29 and Robert Rauschenberg exhibition, Tate Modern, ends April 2

Stay and fight the battle of ideas

Despite widespread outrage over the Lansman coup, there is little appetite to split Momentum, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Foot down

Robbie Rix wants you to take the wheel and step on the gas

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