WW archive > Issue 1137 - 12 January 2017

Reduced to a corpse?

We knew it was coming, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists, but the sheer cynicism of Jon Lansman’s coup is staggering


Animals first; In a nutshell; Sanctions; STP baloney; Backstabber

As good as his word

Obituary: John Berger, November 5 1926-January 2 2017, Sarah Black remembers

Contemptible document

William Sarsfield of Labour Party Marxists looks at the new Lansman constitution

Yet more retreats

Backpedalling will not save Jeremy Corbyn, argues Paul Demarty

Labour’s migration wars

Jeremy Corbyn cannot ‘triangulate’ between soft Brexit and hard Brexit, writes Eddie Ford

Palestine and Hebrew self-determination

Is there a Hebrew nation and how should it be defined? Moshé Machover proposes a strategy envisaging the defeat of Zionism

There will not be blood

Harley Filben reviews: Gareth Edwards (director), Rogue one: a Star Wars story, general release

After the fall of Aleppo

Opposition to imperialism does not mean support for Assad, argues Yassamine Mather, and the myth of the moderate opposition is busted

With a flourish

Robbie Rix was pleased to see extra cash in the Christmas stocking, but the Weekly Worker needs that every month

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