WW archive > Issue 1133 - 01 December 2016

An icon, but not a model

Revolutionary, dictator - or both? Paul Demarty remembers Fidel Castro


Kicking out; Goodbye, Fidel; Distinction; Muddled; Not locusts; Pro-ignorance; Blanket ban

Cycles within cycles

Nick Rogers reviews: Michael Roberts, 'The long depression: how it happened, why it happened and what happens next', Haymarket Books, 2016, pp360, £14.99

Are Renzi’s days numbered?

The December 4 constitutional referendum could be one poll where the predictions turn out to be correct, writes Toby Abse

Remainers begin to fight back

The intervention of John Major and Tony Blair shows that Brexit does not have to mean Brexit, writes Eddie Ford

Revenge of white working class

Trump’s victory shows that the establishment has lost control over the election process. Jim Creegan draws up a balance sheet of the class forces

Economics of the madhouse

Despite the construction boom, things are not boding well for Erdoğan, writes Esen Uslu

Integration and disintegration

Hillel Ticktin outlines the political and economic forces at play in the European Union

Early Christmas?

Robbie Rix is hoping for some early presents under the Weekly Worker tree

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