WW archive > Issue 1130 - 10 November 2016

A richly deserved defeat

Trump’s victory is an indictment of shallow American liberalism, and it is time for the left to detach itself from it, argues Paul Demarty


Formulas; Phases; No socialist; Soviets; Cooperative; Democracy; Rampages; Trumped; SWP haters

How not to course-correct

Socialist Resistance has finally shifted focus to Labour - but on a rotten basis, reckons Jim Grant

Court judgement works for May

The Brexit right gets ready for its march on the supreme court, while the Tories prepare for an early general election, writes Eddie Ford

Same old ephemeral new

Paul Mason may now be championing ‘consensus democracy’, but its failings have long been established, writes Mick Last of the Labour Party Marxists

Danger at home and abroad

War could be the AKP’s last card, writes Esen Uslu


No donation is too small... or too big, emphasises Robbie Rix

A party, within a party, within ...

Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists reports from the November 5 meeting of members of the Momentum national committee

No democratic advert

Trump’s victory could destabilise the established world order. However, there are mixed reactions to the new administration, says Yassamine Mather

Consistent orientation needed

Peter Taaffe should admit that SPEW’s previous characterisation of Labour was badly mistaken, writes Peter Manson

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