WW archive > Issue 1124 - 29 September 2016

How to win

Jeremy Corbyn’s triumph was predictable. So were the olive branches waved about from both sides. However, says James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists, the civil war will continue till one side or the other wins


Momentum; Right winning; Waste of time; Citizen Blake; Whither LU?; Not serious

Victory and retreat

Despite the talk about ‘wiping the slate clean’, Jim Grant of Labour Party Marxists expects the war to continue

Explaining the holocaust industry

Norman Finkelstein recalls how the official narrative on the Jews and Israel has changed over his lifetime. This is an edited version of a speech given to Communist University 2016

Front-line dispatch

The rift between the Corbynistas and the right is irreconcilable. Simon Wells reports from Liverpool

Lock up the thugs

Once more, the SACP finds itself on the wrong side of the class divide, writes Peter Manson

Needed in two days

Be quick to donate, says Robbie Rix

Danger of disillusionment

Junior doctors have been left in the lurch, writes Richard Galen

Enemy of working class

The JLM, like Zionism itself, has no place in the labour movement, argues Tony Greenstein

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