WW archive > Issue 1108 - 26 May 2016

For Marx, against Althusser

What is the nature of art under capitalism? Rex Dunn responds to Paul Demarty


All out; Effective; Betrayal; Our slogan; Marxist feet; Tanked up; Reds; Impression

Not so new economics

Michael Roberts reports on John McDonnell’s plan to ‘transform capitalism’

Life in the bubble

Paul Demarty argues that the growing culture of brittle denunciations only hurts the left

£515 in five days

Robbie Rix needs to make some gains

Closed Marxism

Mike Macnair reviews: John Holloway, 'In, against and beyond capitalism: the San Francisco lectures', Kairos/PM Press, 2016, pp85 (plus preface), £10.59

Two reactionary camps

Our class can gain nothing by voting for either of the two options, argues Peter Manson

Pro-Zionists are false friends

We need a movement for genuine solidarity with the working class, writes Yassamine Mather

Right’s heresy hunt

If I am anti-Semitic, so is the Israeli press, writes Tony Greenstein

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