Without monarchies or standing armies

Jack Conrad explores Leon Trotsky’s strategic thinking

Comintern’s draft programme - published in May 1928 under the signatures of Nikolai Bukharin and Joseph Stalin - excluded all mention of the United States of Europe. This was no oversight, but a consequence of the headlong retreat away from the goal of world revolution. Not surprisingly, given the effective closure put on genuine debate, the draft was agreed without any substantial alterations at the 6th Congress, meeting over July-September 1928. From now onwards official hopes rested on the Soviet Union catching up and overtaking the advanced capitalist countries and the dead-end theory of socialism in one country.

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Modern-minded; Obsessed; By the book; Airbrushed; No plan B; Centenary; Engagement


The last couple of weeks have seen a sharp rise in the number of online readers of the Weekly Worker...

Party of lost causes

Eddie Ford looks at the prospects for Ukip

Fixer turns chancer

Sadiq Khan has wasted no time positioning himself for the Labour leadership, notes Paul Demarty

Struggle and postmodern

Toby Abse reviews: Andrea Hajek, 'Negotiating memories of protest in western Europe: the case of Italy', Palgrave Macmillan, 2013, pp220, £53

Making history?

How did the left do on May 5? Peter Manson reports

Recipe for disaster

Labour’s election results have given Corbyn only a temporary reprieve, predicts Tony Greenstein

Fragmentation of election picture

CPGB members have been discussing the May 5 elections and the forthcoming EU referendum. Mickey Coulter reports

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