WW archive > Issue 1102 - 14 April 2016

The in-out kabuki dance

James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists says a passive boycott is not as good as an active boycott. But it is far better than participating in Stronger in Europe


Steel deal; Open goals; Philo-Semitism; Gerry can; Slander; What if?; Colonial poll; Blind spot; Fresh air; Reporting fetish

Renzi in the firing line

Scandals reminiscent of the Berlusconi era have put the prime minister under sustained pressure, writes Toby Abse

Drawing lines of distinction

We need to look beyond 2020, urges Paul Demarty

Saint of mediocrity

Karl Ove Knausgaard, A man in love, Vintage Books, 2014, pp664, £8.99

Panama and how we are ruled

Tax havens are an integral part of modern neoliberal capitalism, argues Yassamine Mather

Smear tactics and our response

To combat the lies, we need our own independent working class media, argues Mike Macnair

Ups and downs

The last week has had them, says Robbie Rix

Carry on regardless

SPEW just will not admit it was wrong in its characterisation of Labour, writes Peter Manson

Close down offshore

Transnational companies and the super-rich routinely get away with not paying taxes. But, writes Michael Roberts, something can be done about it

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