WW archive > Issue 1096 - 03 March 2016

No backtracking on Palestine

Unfortunately the Labour leader appears to be beating a retreat, writes Tony Greenstein


Irrelevance; Vote ‘yes’; LU bleeding; What militia?; No game of bluff; Democratic USSR; Globalisation; Printing money; Contribution

Waiting for Corbyn

Tens of thousands rallied to Saturday’s anti-Trident demonstration. Peter Manson reports

Austerity parties punished

Following the indecisive general election, Anne McShane discusses the rise of Sinn Féin and the divisions in the anti-austerity movement

Anti-Semitic smears employed by right

The Labour left must get better organised, argues Gary Toms of Labour Party Marxists

Iran’s Elections : Winners and Losers

Yassamine Mather analyses the results of elections to the majles and Council of Experts

Not out of it yet

Bernie Sanders is still in the race, argues Tom Munday

Ugly truth about feeling ugly

Our society encourages low self-esteem and unhealthy attitudes towards food, writes Commissaress - and the results are not pretty

Notable success

Robbie Rix is becalmed...for now.

Last hurrah of a psychopath

Toni Negri, 'Storia di un comunista', Milan, 2015, pp608, €18, reviewed by Toby Abse

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