WW archive > Issue 1080 - 29 October 2015

State and internet

The hacking of TalkTalk has reminded us of the risks and compromises associated with the web, writes Yassamine Mather


Time-limited; Steps; No Marx; Before or after; War slogans; Fishy; Opportunity

Democrats divided

There should be no support for Bernie Sanders, argues Jim Creegan

Students force ANC retreat

The climbdown on university fees has left the SACP general secretary looking thoroughly compromised, reports Peter Manson

Palestinians provoked final solution?

Tony Greenstein debunks Netanyahu’s claims about the grand mufti of Jerusalem

Policies of other organisations

Within the limits of principle everyone in Left Unity must have the right to put forward their own politics, writes Tina Becker

Royal pomp and Hollandisation

President Xi’s visit highlights what seems to be a changing strategic orientation of British imperialism, says Eddie Ford

Time and work

What a way to make a paper...

No to business as usual

We need to take Labour seriously, argues LU national council member Sarah McDonald

Nice guys finish last

Battle lines are being drawn in the Labour Party, writes Paul Demarty

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