WW archive > Issue 1073 - 10 September 2015

Open the borders

The refugee crisis has highlighted once again the inhumanity of the bourgeoisie’s insistence that free movement must be controlled. Peter Manson examines the response of the left


Lesser evil; Migrants; Obesity denier; Anti-Semitic?; Motions passed; Not subjective

Going into survival mode

The weekend’s national council meeting failed to respond to the Corbyn challenge. Sarah McDonald reports

Extra something

Every little helps, says Robbie Rix

Will the euro survive?

All bets are off, writes Michael Roberts. This article is based on his presentation to the CPGB’s Communist University in August

New foundations, new orientation

Communist Platform has drafted the following motions, together with our code of conduct, disputes rules and equality policy. Comrades are urged to secure Left Unity branch support for them and our alternative constitution

War and peace

Yassamine Mather looks at the contradictions in Jeremy Corbyn’s foreign policy

Politics without the personal is non-politics

Censuring the ‘bullying’ Weekly Worker for reporting events in Leeds is not what LU’s executive should be up to, says Micky Coulter

Bedrock of the British state

Instead of Platonic republicanism, Jeremy Corbyn should prioritise the fight to abolish the monarchy, says Eddie Ford

Meet the new boss ...

Rebekah Brooks has returned to the helm. William Kane welcomes her back

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