WW archive > Issue 1060 - 28 May 2015

Doing war differently

Does today’s workers’ movement need its own ‘self-denying ordinance’? Mike Macnair looks to the lessons of the New Model Army


New questions; Poking fun; Hard; Reclaim; Left candidate; Say sorry; Not so dead

Least of Khamenei’s problems

The US bears the main responsibility for the current situation in Iraq and Syria, writes Yassamine Mather

Loyalists ready to walk

With Marikana about to dominate the headlines once more, Peter Manson reports on the ongoing Cosatu crisis

A gay day for equality

Anne McShane celebrates the defeat of the Catholic church and calls for the battle for democracy to include the aim of socialism

The Goldsmiths ideology

The rightwing press campaign against Bahar Mustafa puts the parlous state of student politics under the spotlight, writes Paul Demarty

Finish the job

Robbie Rix hates an anticlimax

Misreaders and misleaders

With ideas of paying everyone an unconditional basic income gaining some credence on the left, Chris Gray looks at the inter-war social credit movement

Banging the Blairite drum

Eddie Ford is less than thrilled by the leadership candidates on offer

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