WW archive > Issue 1059 - 21 May 2015

Some hard thinking is needed

After the general election the left needs to do more than carry on protesting, argues Jack Conrad


Blind spot; Magisterial; Natural economy; Right on; Prescient; Cathartic; Socialist unity

A wasteful dead-end

Left Unity should not agree to stand under the Tusc banner, argues Paul Demarty

Devotees of a dead Scotsman

Was Adam Smith the champion of ‘free market and classical liberal views’? Chis Gray thinks not


Robbie Rix just can't take any compliments

Democratic dictatorship vs permanent revolution

Did Lenin and the Bolsheviks lack a credible strategy? Jim Creegan replies to Jack Conrad

A year in limbo

On June 11 2014 Laurie McCauley was suspended from Manchester Left Unity for publicly criticising other members of the branch, but his case has still not been heard. He spoke to the Weekly Worker

Yellow union given the boot

Car workers say, ‘Enough is enough’. Esen Uslu reports on the mood of optimism

Fragility of class politics

CPGB members have been debating the post-election situation. Peter Manson reports

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