Socialism will not require industrialisation

The transition to a new society is possible, argues Mike Macnair

This is the concluding part of what may seem to have been a rather disjointed series. In the first article (April 9) I argued briefly for the need for a strategic and general alternative to capitalism - a maximum programme. I criticised what seemed to be Chris Cutrone’s approach to the issue, outlined the CPGB’s version and asked whether this alternative is in fact posed to us.

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Feet first; Unpredictable; Still a subject; Another England; Strategy ditched

No swing to the right

One word explains Labour’s defeat, writes Eddie Ford - Scotland

Out come the Blairites

As the results rolled in the ghosts of New Labour began to rise. Charles Gradnitzer of Labour Party Marxists reports

No way to build a fightback

Peter Manson comments on the left’s results and its delusional self-justification

Dangerous delusions

Ukip is far from ‘defeated’, says Tina Becker - but that does not stop sections of the left talking nonsense

Heading for a crash?

Michael Roberts comments on the speculation surrounding China’s latest growth figures

Facing up to stagnation

The latest US figures are indicative of a continuing problem, writes Yassamine Mather

Aspiring to what?

Blairites are flying the flag for ‘aspiration’ - a subject about which they know nothing, argues Paul Demarty


And when Robbie Rix has worries...

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