WW archive > Issue 1057 - 07 May 2015

Humans, nature and dialectics

Sadly Marxism must be defended against some who claim to be Marxists, or at least sympathetic to Marxism. Jack Conrad shows that this is especially the case when it comes to attacks on Frederick Engels and his work on the dialectics of nature


Laughable; Tusc rally; Baffled; Defend Lutfur; Rahman rally; Decay; Right party

Avoiding bacon sandwiches

Don’t incur the wrath - or mockery - of the press, warns Eddie Ford

Inconsistent left nationalists

SPS and the SWP may have refused to vote SNP, writes Peter Manson, but in effect they both cheered on its advance

King promotes his favourites

What is the significance of the power struggle within the Saudi dynasty? Yassamine Mather investigates

A hundred years of denial

Esen Uslu reports on the centenary of the Armenian genocide

This charming man

Ben Macintyre A spy among friends: Kim Philby and the great betrayal Bloomsbury, 2014, pp354, £18

Just a waste of money?

The hype surrounding the birth of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Windsor once again shows that we need to fight for a different world, says Tina Becker

Success at last!

Robbie Rix will show you what party means

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