WW archive > Issue 1054 - 16 April 2015

Thinking the alternative pt. 2

Peter Hudis Marx’s concept of the alternative to capitalism Haymarket, 2013, pp241 Michal Polak Class, surplus, and the division of labour Palgrave Macmillan, 2013 (Kindle edition)


Future class; Cold war; False triumph; Tusc, not LU; Short straw; Navel-gazing; Hangers-on; Taxing issues

Parties, swings and roundabouts

With the polls too close to call, writes Eddie Ford, neither Labour nor Tory strategists can be happy

Swept along by the moment

In the name of cuddling up to the Greens, Socialist Resistance warns about the dangers of the ‘ultra-left’. Paul Demarty objects

April in Petrograd

Is Lars T Lih a disinterested scholar without a political agenda? Jim Creegan argues against the creation of yet another mythical Lenin

How not to arm ourselves

Yassamine Mather looks at the problems resulting from the attempt to create ‘safe spaces’ in universities and student unions

New era for Cuba?

Will Havana embark on a Chinese road, asks Peter Manson

Not complaining

But Robbie Rix isn't popping the Babycham open yet either

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