Communist Party Offensive 95

THE PARTY’S 12th Summer Offensive has raised £20,426, with money still coming in as we go to press.

Particular thanks go out to MW, SK, CA and MR who all raised over £1,000. The top amount raised by one individual was £1,838. Special mention must also go to the Weekly Worker committee which collectively raised £5,679.25.

Our comrades are not rich, but can raise these amounts through hard work and commitment to the tasks we have set ourselves for the coming period, and to the overriding task of reforging our Party.

Our organisation is already in preparation for the next general election and beyond, to put the communist alternative to rotten Labourism. By the end of this year we hope to have an expanded paper in order to carry out that work, and to further the process of discussion and rapprochement.

To enable us to expand the paper and be in a position to print the huge amount of material necessary to contest the next election, we need printing equipment and an enlarged office space ready now. With this in mind a Party membership aggregate has decided to extend this year’s Party Offensive to the end of August and raise our target to £35,000.

A meeting in London took new pledges, taking the total pledged to £28,970. This is a huge target for our organisation, but still short of the £35,000 we need. If you were not at the meeting, please phone in pledges and send cash to us now. An enhanced printshop and a bigger paper will provide a firm basis for our fight to replace Labour with the Communist Party as the natural Party of the working class. Join us in that fight.

Linda Addison