WW archive > Issue 105 - 03 August 1995

Labour is bad for your health

Following the ‘National pay for a National Health Service’ demonstration in London last Saturday it is clear that the job of organising the massive anger against hospital closures and health cuts cannot be left to our union leaderships

Communist rapprochement 75 years on

Reforging the CPGB is not an exclusive task but the job of all revolutionaries

First edition

From The Communist, no1 vol 1, weekly paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, August 5 1920

Communist Party Offensive 95

Unprincipled liaisons

Anti-communist wrecker

Leading the fight for democracy

For a federal republic of England, Scotland and Wales and a united Ireland. Dave Craig from the RDG replies to Peter Manson on the national question

Reactionary jamboree

All soldiers in the Bosnian war are led by reactionary regimes

Challenging as ever

Danny Hammill reviews Thrak, Studio album by King Crimson (Discipline Global Mobile, 1995)

Monks backs poverty pay

Union leaders are falling obediently behind Labour, but Labour is no answer for workers

Labour conference blocks union vote

Republicans in the firing line

Sordid witch hunt

Bosses find utopia

Solidarity brings victory

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