WW archive > Issue 1048 - 05 March 2015

Against feminism, for the working class

Geraldine Duffy writes for International Women's Day in March 1985


Garbage; Syriza was right; Negative rates; Deniers; Political choice; No thanks; RIP, comrades

Aims, deals and recommendations

Jack Conrad reports from the Communist Platform’s steering committee

Amendments galore, seats decided

Yassamine Mather reports on the February 28 meeting of the national council.

No magic bullet

Mickey Coulter reports from the Yorkshire regional committee.

Jihadists and spooks

Revelations about ‘Jihadi John’ have led to calls for more curbs on democracy and free speech, writes Eddie Ford

Lega Nord and neo-fascism

The economic crisis is leaving an opening for the neo-fascist right in Italy, reports Toby Abse

Netanyahu’s double gamble

Calling the general election is partially the result of the dissonance between Washington and Jerusalem, writes Moshé Machover

Polarisation continues to grow

Tony Greenstein thinks that the chances of a Labour-led coalition are slim

Corrupt through and through

Politicians are not the only people in power looking to make a quick buck, reckons Paul Demarty

Make it a first

The first time is always the best according to Robbie Rix

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