WW archive > Issue 1047 - 26 February 2015

Bolshevism was fully armed

Were Lev Kamenev and Pravda ‘semi-Menshevik’ before Lenin’s return to Russia in April 1917? Lars T Lih looks at what they were saying a month earlier


Armed militia; No platform?; Not so weird; Worker’s wage

Advertising and the decline of journalism

The Telegraph’s HSBC scandal is an acute case of a malady suffered by all capitalist media, argues William Kane

Wrong kind of radicalisation

How to explain the ‘teenage brides for IS’? Mike Macnair examines the phenomenon of hope in a disastrous illusion against the background of the left’s failure

An education fit for human beings?

Micky Coulter analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the LU policy

Arguments about Greens

Here we present two reports about Left Unity's debate around the "anti-asuterity alliance". First Peter Manson reports from Greenwich and Lewisham branch

Austerity in the colours of Syriza

Athens inevitably blinked first, writes Eddie Ford - and Greece will continue to suffer ever more poverty as a debt colony

Will there be a deal?

As negotiations continue, Yassamine Mather examines the intricacies of Middle East relations

Stamp of approval

Stamps collectors! Unite and support your favourite paper, says Robbie Rix

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