To our readers

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, July 29 1920

WITH THE holding of the Communist Unity Convention in London next Saturday, the BSP will cease its separate existence and its branches and members will be merged in the new Communist Party.

We anticipate therefore that this will be the last issue of The Call, and we take this opportunity of expressing our thanks to our readers for the generous measure of support they have accorded us.

The Call was established in the earlier part of 1916 in order to rally the internationalist element inside the BSP who were then waging a courageous struggle against the endeavours of its social-patriotic leaders to chain the party to the chariot of British imperialism.

The success of that struggle, the subsequent adoption of The Call as the official organ of the BSP and the gallant stand it made throughout the war on behalf of internationalism and the solidarity of the world’s workers - all this is history; whilst its whole-hearted support of the Russian Soviet Republic and the cause of the world revolution everywhere has earned it a position in the international communist movement, of which we have every right to be proud.

The Communist Unity Convention, in founding the Communist Party, will, we anticipate, establish at the same time its own weekly organ, for the expression and advocacy of the fundamental principles and policy for which it will stand. In this last issue of The Call we appeal to our readers, on behalf of the new organ, for the same comradely encouragement and support that they have hitherto accorded to The Call.