Dundee vote for real change

THE DEATH of the Dundee lord provost means that there will be a by-election for the Lochee West ward within three months.

I was the Communist Party candidate for this ward in April and found the response to be encouraging. The problems in this area are similar to those faced by people everywhere: unemployment, deprivation, poverty.

People are sick to death of the excuses given by politicians in the SNP, Labour and Tory Parties. Every day we are told that services in the public sector are going to be cut because ‘we’ can’t afford them. Jobs in the private sector will be sacrificed in the name of the market.

In Dundee we have seen how this affects ordinary people. The threats of hospital closures are galvanising health service workers to form an alliance against cuts and closures.

Train drivers are taking a stand against the poverty pay being imposed, not just by British Rail, but by bosses everywhere.

I ask you all - can you truly say you feel that your pay, your job is secure, that the future of your family, your neighbourhood, your town is safe from the ravages of the money-grabbing, parasitic bosses, who are awarding themselves huge pay rises while attacking our pay and services.

Nobody is safe. When the Lochee West election takes place say, ‘Enough is Enough!’

Vote for change, vote for an end to the dog-eat-dog society and join us in fighting back.

Dominic Handley

Fight against the cuts

THE DUNDEE branch of the Communist Party is continuing its campaign against the planned closure of the Dundee Royal Infirmary after handing in its petition to the trust in May. The closure would mean the loss of around 100 nursing jobs and 190 ancillary workers’ jobs, as well as 59 beds.

The trust is also looking at the possibility of closing Kings Cross Hospital and the Dundee Limb Fitting Centre.

Any closure is unacceptable. We are continuing to campaign every Saturday in the town centre and are working with healthworkers in the Dundee Campaign Against Hospital Cuts and Closures. A demonstration is planned for Saturday September 23.