WW archive > Issue 103 - 20 July 1995

Blair attacks welfare as bosses’ pay soars

As the bosses agree that they are worth every penny of the millions they pay themselves, more and more they are looking to Tony Blair’s ‘new Labour’ to screw down even harder on workers


Shop Stewards; Activist formulas

All out for health

Communist Party Offensive 95

Dundee vote for real change

Message from Lenin

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, July 22 1920

Taking sides in South Africa

Hertfordshire road hell

Left relives World War II

Snoopers' charter

Turkish paper banned

Marvellous cruelty

Danny Hammill reviews ‘Volpone or the Fox - a Comedy’ by Ben Jonson, directed by Katherine Bond (Large Door Productions, Greenwich Covered Market)

Talks falter on

Inla POWs dirty protest

IRSP says prisoners will not be used as hostages

Rail unity urged

Disabled protesters caged in

Demonstrators from Direct Action Network make their point outside parliament

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