Communist Party Offensive 95

A SPECIAL Summer Offensive meeting in London last week detailed our plans for a bigger paper and our preparations already underway for the next general election. To make our intervention into the election as effective as possible we need new printing equipment, computers and office space.

Our resources may not be as expansive as the Labour Party’s, but we intend to make sure that the Communist Party alternative to Labour’s planned attacks on the working class is posed at that election.

Over £2,000 of new pledges were taken at the meeting, bringing the total so far to £22,252. We need your help to close the gap to reach our £25,000 target in the next week. The supreme efforts of all those involved so far shows that it can be done. Rush cheques in now to reach us by July 29 for our celebration meal.

If you have not made a pledge yet, you can still show your support by joining us at the meal on Saturday July 29. Tickets for the meal are £20. Please write or call for more details.

Linda Addison