WW archive > Issue 1010 - 15 May 2014

Exploitation and illusions about 'anti-imperialism'

Mike Macnair completes his reply to Ian Donovan


Storming heaven; National family; Taking that; Militia and LU; Truth grain; Right to arm; Misconduct

ANC: Fully in control

Neither right nor left has been able to challenge ANC hegemony, writes Peter Manson

Egypt: ‘Road map to democracy’ sham

The coup may have been aimed at the Muslim Brotherhood, writes Yassamine Mather, but now the working class is under attack too

Failed transition and crisis

The international working class must reassert itself to prevent a descent into barbarism, writes Hillel Ticktin

SWP: Outriders for the establishment

Wagging your finger at people for voting for the ‘racist’ Ukip is the wrong approach, says Eddie Ford

Left Unity: What ‘safe spaces’ lead to

The Manchester branch of Left Unity has seen a clampdown on debate amidst claims and counter-claims of 'bullying'

Left Unity: Keeping disagreements hidden

Left Unity’s press release about Gerry Adams illustrates the fragility of its political method, argues Paul Demarty

Fighting Fund: Big day

Robbie Rix is looking forward to an upgrade. All costs money though...

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