Fighting Fund: Big day

Robbie Rix is looking forward to an upgrade. All costs money though...

Excitement is mounting here at the Weekly Worker in view of the imminent launch of our new website. This will boast many features enabling readers to quickly find themed articles and previous pieces - without having to wait for several seconds while the server thinks about opening the page you want.

I cannot stress enough how much all those donations to our fighting fund have helped the work on the new site - yes, it is not only the printed version that has benefited (through, for example, the supplements and extra pages we have carried).

Last week the achievements of the Weekly Worker must have inspired comrade TR. Not only did he come up with his usual £30 standing order, but he decided to double that amount in a separate contribution via PayPal. That’s right - £90 in a couple of days from the one comrade. There were two further SO donations, both for £20, from DV and DW, plus two cheques. The first was from GN, who added £30 to her resubscription, while KT sent us £50 after reading “Jack Conrad’s brilliant article on the right to bear arms” last week. (That wasn’t the universal view, of course, especially within certain ‘moderate’ Left Unity circles).

All that increased our May fund by £210, taking our total to £631. But we need £1,500 and half the month has gone. I hope a good number of readers will be so delighted with our new site that they will chip in something - surely we will see a big rise in online readers from last week’s 11,894 when the big day comes in just a weeks time!

Robbie Rix