Budget deficit

This week, Robbie Rix isn't feeling much love from our thousands of online readers

George Osborne has to admit it: Britain’s economy is smaller than it was in 2008. His much vaunted recovery will go hand in hand with austerity till 2018- 19 at least. An eloquent argument for class struggle and building not another confessional sect, not a protest party, not a vague left-of-Labour party, but a mass Communist Party. And that, of course, is exactly what this paper is designed to achieve.

While we have no powers of taxation we do have a monthly £1,500 target for donations. Thankfully our readers are more than willing to help. “Keep up the good work” is a message that frequently accompanies donations to this paper. But in the case of comrade SG it comes at the end of an eloquent tribute to our “commitment to Marxism”, “opposition to opportunism” and “dedication” in producing, “week in, week out”, such a “quality paper”.

Even better, the cheque slipped inside SG’s note was for £100! Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. Thanks for those kind words, comrade - and for showing your own “commitment” in that way.

SG’s cheque was one of three received in the post this week. Thanks also to HJ (£25) and to PK for the tenner added to his subscription. But there were no donations made via our website this week - despite the fact that no fewer than 11,850 people read our paper online.

But we did get the usual batch of standing order contributions - thank you, MM, DW, SP and JD, whose SOs added up to £135. So we received £270 in all over the last seven days, taking our March fighting fund running total up to £826. But there are only 10 days to go to raise almost £700.

Anyone else fancy helping us to meet our budget deficit?

Robbie Rix