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Tony Benn: The moderate extremist

Paul Demarty examines the legacy of a tireless champion of the Labour left


Not astounding; Xenophobic; FI and Ukraine; Workers' wage; No scab; Bolibourgeoisie; Abused; Inhuman; Empowerment; Pervert state; Coffees on me; Poet laureate

Keep it broad, keep it safe

Peter Manson reports on the first national conference of the ‘united front against austerity’

Anti-imperialist illusions

What does the class-political independence of the proletariat mean in practice? Mike Macnair replies to Ian Donovan’s allegations of ‘third campism’

West and Putin up the ante

Mainstream hypocrisy takes some beating, writes Eddie Ford

Other side of border controls

Ben Lewis notes a tragic subplot in the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370

Electoral reform and Greek gifts

While the new premier seems destined to disappoint, sections of the left have joined forces in a lash-up that looks set to leave workers cold. Toby Abse reports

Miners review: Inspirational collection

Martin Jenkinson, Mark Metcalf, Mark Harvey Images of the past: the miners’ strike Pen and Sword Books, pp216, £14.99

Turkey government: On its last legs

Erdoğan’s government is rapidly losing control, writes Esen Uslu. But the opposition seems in no shape to take advantage

Budget deficit

This week, Robbie Rix isn't feeling much love from our thousands of online readers

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