WW archive > Issue 1001 - 13 March 2014

An intransigent fighter

Bob Crow, June 13 1961 - March 11 2014


Holy writ; Washed hands; Class disdain; Fourth degree; Opposed; Please explain; Swing to right; Living dead; Party guy; What about me?; Infiltrators; Quran question

Rotten apples, reviews and flowers

The entire police force is institutionally corrupt, says Eddie Ford

Indecision and irrationality

March 29 is very likely to be just as frustrating as the November founding conference, writes Mike Macnair

Debate: Not a matter of style

CPGB interventions are marred by a serious theoretical flaw, argues Ian Donovan

End all sanctions, free the prisoners

Now is the time to step up the pressure, writes Yassamine Mather

Rival politics of the miners’ strike

Mark Fischer introduces another blast from the past

Three cardinal sins of opportunism

A reprint from the April 1984 edition of The Leninist, forerunner of the WW

The only effective weapon

Life prisoner John Bowden writes from HMP Shotts

Don’t trust Maduro

There is a danger that the Chávista regime will arrive at a compromise with the right, warns Daniel Harvey


Partying for the paper

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