Richard Galen

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Coming home to roost

Richard Galen describes how NHS workers are doing their best to cope following years of Tory cuts.

Danger of disillusionment

Junior doctors have been left in the lurch, writes Richard Galen

No time to stay silent

BMA members must insist that the union’s decisions are followed through, argues Richard Galen

Reject the new contract

We need to develop a realistic strategy for victory, writes Richard Galen

Harmful change is intolerable

Joint action is the way forward, says Richard Galen - and so is affiliation to the TUC

United front needed

The junior doctors need a united front in their struggle, says Richard Galen

Don’t fall for the lies

Our action is aimed at the government and NHS employers, not patients, writes Richard Galen

Trusting who?

Richard Galen writes from the picket line at Croydon University Hospital