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Breaking imperialism’s rules

India and Pakistan

Our flag stays red

New scramble for Africa

US imperialism sees profit in Africa’s development

New Labour, new corruption

While New Labour fiddles, the left prepares to fight

Blair puts the boot in

It can only get better?

Labour backbenchers rebel as Blair steps up anti-worker offensive

Labour promises more attacks

Making solidarity illegal

US bullies the world

Anti-human ‘justice’

Markets in turmoil

After Brown Monday panic set in, as London share dealers were hit by the worldwide slump

A right royal mess

Labour’s new inquisition

New Labour’s drugs tsar is watching you

Drugs campaign goes respectable

Blair still on course for ‘new Britain’

Close call in Wales

Welcome to the real world

Short shrift for Montserratians

Anti-democratic insult

Business welcomes Brown’s budget

Bosses call for ‘tough discipline’

Imperialism moves east

Ex-‘Marxist’ accepts imperialism’s embrace

Strategy for the mass

Cameron embarrassed by Essex fightback

Communist election manifesto launched

As Blair turns on the unions the CPGB launches its election fight for what workers need

New consensus attacks welfare

Thieves fall out

Democratic rights attacked

Immigration controls criminalise workers

Capitalism’s pipe dreams

SNP loyal subjects

Bosses’ clampdown reaches Korea

Mission impossible in Peru

Dockers show potential for all

As Labour waits in the wings ... Tory offensive continues

Kenneth Clarke’s budget contained no surprises. Both Labour and Tory prepare to prove who can best be His Master’s Voice

Working class wiped off the map

Schools crisis blamed on kids

Pristine sectarianism

Opt religion out

Slave labour plans laid

European alarm call

Unemployed fightback begins

No slave labour

From this October the Tories’ Jobseekers Allowance will become law. This will mean a massive assault on welfare benefits and the living standards of the working class in general - it must be fought by the entire labour movement

Not fit to rule

No middle way

Republicanism and democracy

Making an honest buck

Anti-apartheid hypocrisy

Labour leads the attack

Labour’s fake wage promises

New Labour is talking about introducing a minimum wage - some time in the future. We must fight for one - in the here and now

Lawyers’ bonanza

Jobs not job seekers

Weapon of democracy

Church hypocrisy

Education in Labour firing line

As the next general election looms, the political agenda is moving even more to the right - so watch out

Howards’ cage for social decay

The home secretary plans to throw more of us in jail

For a workers’ Europe

SLP debates Europe

Stomach-churningly frank

Paul Greenaway reviews 'Trainspotting', directed by Danny Boyle (1995, general release)

Lethal gas claims first victim

Moral conviction

Paul Greenaway reviews 'The Body Trade', by Deborah Lavin, directed by Lisa Goldman for The Red Room (8.00pm, above The Lion & Unicorn pub, Gaysford Street NW5, £6, £4 concession)