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RCN debates

Left unity forum launched

For or against liquidationism

Two recent resignations from the CPGB underline the nature of the political period. These letters of personal justification written in April are printed below with a reply from Mark Fischer which draws out some political lessons

Britain and the Scots

Mary Ward critically examines some of the myths and dangers of Scottish nationalism

Frustration and disgust

Mary Ward reviews ‘Drugs and the party line’ by Kevin Williamson

Phantom liquidationism

SSA fudges on Ireland

Fear but no expulsion ... and no gagging

Sharp exchanges at SSA National Council

Sic’ a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation

Workers must lead

Mary Ward of the CPGB replies to Phil Stott of Scottish Militant Labour (see Weekly Worker July 31). The debate on the referendum in Scotland which took place at Communist University ’97 is an ongoing one between our organisations

Outrageous formulation

Fight for genuine self-determination

As the campaign takes off, tensions grow within the Scottish Socialist Alliance

Reality in Scotland missed

Fight for real democracy

An unholy alliance has been formed to campaign for Labour’s sop parliament in Scotland

Zero tolerance misses the point

Self-determination on election agenda

Andy MacLean interviewed Mary Ward, Communist Party parliamentary candidate for the Scottish Socialist Alliance in Dundee West

Fighter turned negotiator


Heat is on

Union bureaucrats attacked

Federal republic and class struggle

Mary Ward is the SSA candidate for Dundee West and a member of the CPGB. Lee-Anne Bates spoke to her about this weekend’s ‘civic event’ in Scotland and the future of the democratic struggle

Romancing the stone

Important advance for SSA

Futuristic language

Mary Ward spoke to the Weekly Worker about one element in the SSA

Labour’s Scottish hoops

Lion’s meow

Tommy Sheridan: If I were prime minister (Channel 4, August 11)

Dundee against school closures: Preparing for battles ahead

Mary Ward spoke to Evie Cummins and Lizzie Dolan, two prominent activists in Dundee’s Community Against School Closures (CASC) campaign

Scotland denied

An honourable man?

Scottish Labour MP John McAllion resigned his front bench seat in protest against Blair’s backtrack on devolution. Now he is being portrayed as a ‘man of honour’ by the media in Scotland. Communist Mary Ward - McAllion’s election agent and leader of Dundee district council when a Labour member - could not disagree more

Alliance election battle in Scotland

The Scottish Socialist Alliance is fighting its first election on June 27. John Davies of Scottish Militant Labour is standing in the Invergordon ward of the Highlands council. Mary Ward, SLP member in Dundee, spoke to him

Strengths and weaknesses

Mary Ward is a member of the SLP Scottish steering committee. Here she emphasises the need for workers in the Scottish Socialist Alliance to join the SLP

Scottish socialist alliance: Building a revolutionary party

Saturday’s Scottish Socialist Alliance meeting is Glasgow is an important political event. The meeting will be presented with proposals from the organisation’s Steering Group designed to deepen and extend the unity of the SSA’s constituent elements. Scargill’s initiative on the Socialist Labour Party has pushed important forces on the left in England and Wales into seriously discussing the key question of building an alternative to Blair’s ‘new’ Labour. In Scotland, however, organisations like Scottish Militant Labour, the Socialist Movement, Liberation (left wing of the Scottish National Party) and others had already established a common front. At the meeting on Saturday, comrades - including from the Communist Party of Great Britain - will move towards even closer unity in a common organisation. This is a very welcome development and the CPGB sends its best wishes to the conference for a successful and positive discussion. On the eve of Saturday’s important debate, Mary Ward - leading member of the Communist Party in Scotland - gave us her views on the way forward.

Revolutionary foundations

Richard Whyte was a member of the Labour Party for some 12 years, but left after the continuing rightward drift to become an active member of the Scottish Socialist Movement. Richard has been involved in the debates and discussions around Arthur Scargill’s proposed SLP. Mary Ward spoke to him about recent developments

Locomotive force

Two steps forward, two steps back?

Socialist Labour Party

Watershed over water charges

Scottish socialists reject bureaucratic constitution

Labour mafia in Scotland

Scots promised sham democracy

Ninewells occupied

Blair’s public relations face, but it is barely skin deep. Labour makes no secret of the fact that it too has the axe out for the health service

Lochee referendum on health cuts

Dundee health update

Paisley vice

Revolutionary votes

Jobseekers, no jobs

Communist experience

Mary Ward, branch secretary of Dundee CPGB, will be speaking at the IWWD celebration meeting in London. Here she compares her experience as a Labour Party councillor with her experience as a communist

School students take on Wimpey

Campaign against M77 mounts

M77 dead end

Labour reformism a dead end for women workers