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RCN debates

Left unity forum launched

For or against liquidationism

Two recent resignations from the CPGB underline the nature of the political period. These letters of personal justification written in April are printed below with a reply from Mark Fischer which draws out some political lessons

Frustration and disgust

Mary Ward reviews ‘Drugs and the party line’ by Kevin Williamson

Sic’ a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation

Dundee health update

Revolutionary votes

Jobseekers, no jobs

Communist experience

Mary Ward, branch secretary of Dundee CPGB, will be speaking at the IWWD celebration meeting in London. Here she compares her experience as a Labour Party councillor with her experience as a communist

School students take on Wimpey

Campaign against M77 mounts

M77 dead end

Labour reformism a dead end for women workers