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Seize the moment

Livingstone set for independent challenge

Not one bullet

Sinn Féin joins unionism

Back Livingstone

The contest for London mayor will open up possibilities for the left

Politics of openness

Jim Blackstock replies

RUC storm

Ireland: weak link

Blair’s entire strategy at risk - Sinn Féin stands to gain

SLP wreckers fail in Coventry

After Super Thursday ... Communist Euro challenge to Blair

The left is weak, but Scargill is no answer

Minority rights and the CPGB

Democratic centralism

Unity crumbles before Scargill

Socialist Alliances in crisis

Arms compromise

Irish peace process

Irish peace in deadlock

As Trimble and Adams go to the brink, anti-imperialists need a new strategy

Abolish the second chamber

While Blair pushes for a ‘modernised’ House of Lords, the working class must go further and champion the fullest democracy

Israel-Palestine peace accord: Imperialism calls the tune

As Arafat is forced to step up repression, there are signs of a split in Fatah

Tory English nationalism

Out of touch with big capital, the Tories are seeking support through redefining British chauvinism, adding an extra reactionary twist

TUC on its knees

Blair may have sent a batch of his ministers to last week’s TUC. But his plans for the realignment of British politics include the complete marginalisation of the unions

Anti-imperialists marginalised

As the British and Irish states take on yet more draconian powers, the momentum of the peace process continues to accelerate

New strategy: INLA calls ‘complete ceasefire’

The peace bandwagon is gaining momentum. The response of communists and revolutionaries will be crucial

Turning point - Omagh bomb boosts Sinn Féin

Last Saturday’s Real IRA bomb, despite outward appearances, marked a definitive break with the republican strategy of armed resistance to the British imperialist occupation of the Six Counties

250th issue

Party notes

Loyalist split

The arson attack on a Ballymoney council house, leading to the deaths of three boys, has driven a wedge between pro- and anti-agreement unionists

Loyalists rebel

As Orangemen continue to camp out at Drumcree, insisting they will stay “as long as it takes”, their loyalist supporters have attempted to launch a rebellion against the Good Friday deal

Drumcree threat to peace deal

Northern Ireland Assembly

Tory split on Ireland

Assembly elections

World Cup chauvinism

Rioting England fans have set back Labour’s ‘Cool Britannia’ project

Irish consensus

Prisoners out but RUC stays

Peace strike threat

State targets Irish republicans

Tories wait in wings

Peace process fragile despite referendum success

SACP holds the line

Senior ANC officials implicated in corruption and gun-running

Imperialists ‘optimistic’


‘Peace’ process settlement near

Despite the bombs Sinn Fein will be back in the talks in time to hear the final proposals

Love and Mr Lewisham

Sinn Fein seeks court judgement

Bloody Sunday hypocrisy

Blair’s announcement of a new judicial enquiry has already provoked tensions within the British ruling class

Loyalist killings fail to derail ‘peace’ process

UDP ‘suspended’ from Ireland talks

‘Peace’ train back on track

Blair hopes that a ‘council of the isles’ will secure a new imperialist stability

‘Peace process’ thrown into crisis

The killings in Ireland over the Christmas period threw the establishment into turmoil. But does that mean the whole ‘peace process’ will collapse?

Settlement in sight

Ireland’s ‘peace’ process

Winnie fills SACP vacuum

Blair pushes New Monarchy

IRA split shakes ‘peace process’

The resignation of several IRA and Sinn Fein members has demonstrated the fragility of the imperialist-sponsored negotiations

‘British’ candidate wins Irish election

Blair’s project offers new opportunities

Remaking Britain

High-risk British ‘peace’

New ‘peace’ stage reached

Edging towards an imperialist peace

Left moves forward in Irish election

Sinn Féin shakes British arrogance

‘Peace’ train back on track

Renault workers show the way

For a workers' Europe!

Making the bosses pay in France

French lorry drivers’ victory raises the need for European-wide unions

Bosses turn to god

Inhuman denial

Unite against imperialist schemes

IRA propaganda setback for Tories

For a genuinely human morality

Jim Blackstock takes up the debate around child abuse

Kiss and make up

Jump start for ‘peace’ process

Another ‘peace’ blip

The ‘luxury’ of openness

The Weekly Worker this week publishes in its entirety a document received via the offices of the Irish Republican Socialist Party. The document, from republican socialist political prisoners in Portlaoise Jail, ‘instructs’ us to apologise for printing an article (‘Historical reality’, Weekly Worker May 30) of which they disapprove. They allege that we were duped by British intelligence into publishing ‘disinformation’

Defence through open debate

‘Peace process’ on track

Irish elections

ANC runs capitalism alone

No fool’s Gold

Irish feud wastes revolutionary lives

Devastating hypocrisy

The IRA demonised

Loyal servants of imperialism

Tory and Labour speak with one voice

No short cuts

Against imperialism, for the working class

Workers are the real target

Clinton boosts imperialist peace

US establishment embraces Farrakhan

Farrakhan claims a million black men are their own enemy

Whose peace in Ireland?

‘Concession' condemned

The British state remains armed to the teeth while its victims rot in jail

Dead-end explosions

'Impartial' imperialism

Tories face disaster

‘Middle England’ moves centre stage

Major makes his appeal to middle England

Arafat today, Adams tomorrow

Benn gives Labour left excuse to stay

Mandela warns of ‘anarchy’

South African rulers need new Slovo

Loyalist socialist?

Obituary: Mourn the revolutionary

Joe Slovo, 23 May 1926 - 6 January 1995

Blood on their hands