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New kind of cruelty

Shaming and demonising the poor: James Linney takes apart the Tories’ ‘back to work plan’, but nobody should expect anything positive from Sir Keir and Wes Streeting

Empty promises, real threats

James Linney picks apart the NHS workforce plan and warns that Sir Keir’s Labour is committed to exactly the same agenda of privatisation and austerity

Dispatches from the warzone

The Tories are deliberately running down the NHS and the human cost is horrendous. But James Linney does not reckon Labour’s plans amount to anything much better

NHS in meltdown

The Tories have a barely hidden agenda to wreck the post-1945 health service. But James Linney warns against trusting Sir Keir’s alternative government

Plan for sabotage

Though they are on the ropes, it is clear that the NHS is not safe in Tory hands. James Linney puts Thérèse Coffey’s proposals under close examination

Not going away

The dismal inability to defeat the pandemic points to a wider, systemic failure, argues James Linney

At whose service?

Reform of primary care should not be trusted to the likes of Policy Exchange, writes James Linney. This ‘independent’ think tank was set up by Tories to serve the Tory agenda of cost-saving and profit-making

Seasons of crisis

The huge increase in NHS waiting times is not just a result of the pandemic, James Linney explains

Onslaught continues

With the busiest winter period fast approaching, James Linney savages the government’s NHS ‘rescue plan’

A market opportunity

What’s behind the campaign for face-to-face consultations? James Linney gives a GP’s view

One year and counting

While Boris Johnson praises ‘capitalism’ and ‘greed’, his plan to end the lockdown risks thousands more deaths, warns James Linney

Worse than useless

Too little, too late. James Linney takes apart the Tories’ so-called ‘obesity strategy’

Racism and Covid-19

Capitalism itself is the cause of structural social inequality, writes James Linney

Testing times

James Linney has no doubt where the blame lies for all the failures

It is a pandemic

The number of cases outside China has increased 13-fold over the last two weeks alone, says James Linney.

Bats, panic and system failure

What are the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak? How can the spread of this and other new viruses be stopped? James Linney gives some answers...

On target for disaster

James Linney looks at the ever growing waiting times.

Legalise cannabis

The ‘war on drugs’ has very little to do with safeguarding the health of citizens, argues James Linney

The drugs don’t work

The huge problem of antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic shortages is greatly exacerbated by the profit motive, argues James Linney

Deadly cost of austerity

James Linney asks what the fall in life expectancy tells us about the state of capitalism in 2019

Preparing the final assault

James Linney examines the fraud that is NHS England’s ‘long-term plan’

Science, health and profit

Exaggerated claims for artificial intelligence are being used to further the government’s agenda of privatised healthcare, says James Linney

No compliance with ‘hostile environment’ in NHS

James Linney looks at the impact of Theresa May’s immigration policy on asylum-seekers

A health service worthy of the name

As the NHS approaches its 70th anniversary, James Linney calls for a radically new approach

Legalise them all

James Linney condemns the timidity of Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott

Oxycontin is the opium of the masses

James Linney looks at the American opioid crisis and the cynical role played by big pharma

Costs of commodification

Pharmaceutical companies routinely fail to publish negative results of research into new drugs. James Linney looks at the case of antidepressants

Health service we need

James Linney looks at who benefits from privatisation

With great skill

James Linney urges resistance to the ‘organisation of misery’

Planning the final assault

The introduction of ‘accountable care organisations’ could be the beginning of the end for the NHS, writes James Linney

Offering a real cure

Ending the current chronic underfunding would be just the first step in overcoming the NHS mental-healthcare crisis, writes James Linney

Dedicated staff soldier on

The fight to save the NHS goes hand in hand with the fight to transform Labour, writes James Linney

Not a commodity

The growing trend towards rationing treatment is a disgrace, writes James Linney

Worse than it appears

Why go for open privatisation when you can quietly administer concealed poison? James Linney describes the reality of underfunding

Giving lie to Tory claims

Support for the junior doctors remains firm, writes James Linney

Bigger battles ahead

James Linney analyses the junior doctor contract dispute

Stormy waters ahead

There is more to the NHS funding crisis than they want you to believe, writes James Linney

The bitter taste of capitalism

James Linney reviews Robert Lustig's 'Fat chance: the hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease,' Forthestate, 2013, pp320, £8.99