James Linney

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With great skill

James Linney urges resistance to the ‘organisation of misery’

Planning the final assault

The introduction of ‘accountable care organisations’ could be the beginning of the end for the NHS, writes James Linney

Offering a real cure

Ending the current chronic underfunding would be just the first step in overcoming the NHS mental-healthcare crisis, writes James Linney

Dedicated staff soldier on

The fight to save the NHS goes hand in hand with the fight to transform Labour, writes James Linney

Not a commodity

The growing trend towards rationing treatment is a disgrace, writes James Linney

Worse than it appears

Why go for open privatisation when you can quietly administer concealed poison? James Linney describes the reality of underfunding

Giving lie to Tory claims

Support for the junior doctors remains firm, writes James Linney

Bigger battles ahead

James Linney analyses the junior doctor contract dispute

Stormy waters ahead

There is more to the NHS funding crisis than they want you to believe, writes James Linney

The bitter taste of capitalism

James Linney reviews Robert Lustig's 'Fat chance: the hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease,' Forthestate, 2013, pp320, £8.99