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Democracy on the agenda in Scotland

Campaign for Genuine Self-Determination launched

Unemployed top Labour’s hit list

Programmatic confusion in RDG

Hope springs eternal

Around the left

Left expectant after Labour victory

Class censorship

Put socialism on the map

As Labour and Tory battle it out for rightwing hegemony, communist and socialist candidates up and down the country are posing an alternative

Establishing the socialist alternative on Merseyside

Helen Ellis spoke to Chris Jones, Socialist Labour candidate for Knowsley on Merseyside. He was the local brigade chair of the Fire Brigades Union until he left the service four years ago

Sun shines for Blair

Lifeless discourse

Helen Ellis reviews Mark Ravenhill's Faust (directed by Nick Phillippou)

Benign and magnificent

Helen Ellis reviews Babycakes (directed by Ian Brown)

Make Scotland workers’ cause

As the Tories make Scotland a national issue, how should the left respond?

Left must enter pre-election fray

Europe is becoming the issue, but is there an alternative to Labour-Tory austerity promises?

Big two jump on populist bandwagon

Conservative and Labour both claim the moral high ground - while preparing to hit the working class

Unsaleable discovery

Helen Ellis reviews Blinded by the sun by Stephen Poliakoff, directed by Ron Daniels (Cottosloe theatre, London)

Drowning world

Helen Ellis reviews Ashes to ashes by Harold Pinter (Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, at the Ambassadors, West Street, London)

Action sundered

Helen Ellis reviews Judith, a parting from the body, by Howard Barker (Battersea Arts Centre)

Anti-propaganda propaganda

Helen Ellis reviews the new Labour exhibition (Riverside Artists Group, Riverside Studios Gallery)

Labour attack on strikers

Workers’ organisation needed to halt Labour-Tory offensive

To make us grieve

Helen Ellis reviews Coriolanus, directed by Steven Berkoff at the Mermaid Theatre (London, Tue-Sat 7.30pm, £9.50-£18.50)

Precipice of disaster

Helen Ellis reviews Archaos' Game over (Brixton Academy, £17.50 and £20.00)

Homeless scandal runs deep

Dame Shirley may have been found out, but what of the crime of homelessness itself?

Europe amendment

Trade Union document

SLP policy amendments

Defend press freedom in Turkey

Labour backs more repression

World-wide solidarity

The dockers’ dispute in Liverpool has been exemplary in forging international solidarity

Battle against all odds

Helen Ellis reviews '20-52', directed by Jeremy Weller for Grassmarket Project at Tricycle theatre (NW6, Kilburn tube, 8pm, £7.50-£13, Mon and Sat matinee - pay what you can)

Heroic struggle turned to self-blame

Shuttle by Joseph Crilly at the Red Room October Song by Andrew Hinds at the Orange Tree

Towards another US-brokered deal

Strangled passion

Helen Ellis reviews 'Trouble sleeping' by Nick Ward (Warehouse Theatre until November 12)

Vote Communist on September 14

No more cuts, no more closures. Join us in fighting back

SWP leadership bans IS-List internet talks

By-passing the Central Committee on the internet is too risky for SWP

Blair rules OK

John Prescott: “Quite happy now”

Labour’s army of snoopers

Save Mumia Abu-Jamal

Abolish the death penalty

A world divided

Helen Ellis reviews 'Pentecost' by David Edgar, directed by Michael Attenborough

Election fight for workers’ organisation

Communists took their election campaign to both young and old

End Bolivian state of siege

No worker is illegal

Benefit attack

DRI fight hots up

A real alternative in Dundee

Women’s liberation through class struggle

Celebrate International Working Women’s Day

Major fails to prevent Euro-war escalation

Left out in the cold

Clause four roadshow gets underway

Local Bobby turns nasty

The American nightmare