Latest articles by Commissaress

Abstraction in style

George Monbiot How did we get into this mess? Politics, equality, nature Verso Books, 2014, pp352, £16.99

An old rhythm

With the huge rise in xenophobic attacks and the role of motherhood in the Conservative leadership race, Commissaress argues that the past has come back with a vengeance

The politics of platitudes

Commissaress discusses the implications of the EU referendum campaign on political discourse

Commodification and conditioning

Adam Unwin and John Yandell 'Rethinking education: whose knowledge is it anyway?', New Internationalist, 2016, pp143, £7.99

Ugly truth about feeling ugly

Our society encourages low self-esteem and unhealthy attitudes towards food, writes Commissaress - and the results are not pretty

How to leave your kid in a pub

The government’s latest attempt to pretend it knows a thing or two about children is laughable, says Commissaress

Peace out, man

The response of young people to the government’s decision to bomb Syria came as a welcome surprise to Commissaress

Heads in the sand

Commissaress gives her impressions of Left Unity’s November 21-22 national conference

Following the crowd

The Socialism 2015 event was marked by a distinct lack of new ideas, writes Commissaress

Where is the love?

The liberal stance on free speech, immigration and internationalism is confusing everyone, says Commissaress

Kids and the alternative

The perceptions most young people have of socialism are not like they were during the cold war days, says Commissaress: they’re worse