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Storms, floods and a deluge of crap

Natural flood management is part of the solution, not dredging. But if we seriously want to preserve and restore nature, argues Eddie Ford, then we need to challenge capitalism


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Aggregate: Improving our democracy

Micky Coulter reports on the February 9 meeting of CPGB members

Left Unity: Solid basis for intervention

Daniel Harvey reports on last weekend’s Communist Platform meeting

Communist Platform

This is the new version, as amended by the February 8 meeting

Left Unity: Assume we have a tin opener

Mark Fischer spent a day at Left Unity's most recent TNC meeting... though it felt like a lot longer

What might have been

The Communist Platform meeting showed what the Socialist Platform could have been, says Ian Donovan

IS Network: Self-flagellation and the ‘kinky split’

Charlie Winstanley was recently commissioned by the Anti-Capitalist Initiative to write this article. However, the piece split the editorial group and it was deemed too sensitive to publish

South Africa: Phase within phase ... but capitalism is the end result

Attempts to create a viable governmental alternative are in tatters, writes Peter Manson, leaving the ANC free to pursue the ‘second phase’ of the ‘national democratic revolution’

South Africa: Opposition in disarray

Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, is facing jail for fraud

Storm clouds over Sochi

Harley Filben on the intersection of sport and Vladimir Putin's reactionary-populist agenda

Remedial action

February is a short month and we're a long way from meeting our fund target, you can help, says Robbie Rix

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