Left Unity: Reformulating principles, mapping out demands

Saturday February 8 will see the launch meeting of Left Unity’s Communist Platform and is open to anyone who is, or wishes to be, a supporter: 12 noon to 5pm, Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Road, London WC1 (nearest tube: Kings Cross)

This will be the first opportunity for the Communist Platform to agree our aims and principles and discuss perspectives. The CPGB is putting forward a redrafted platform. The original version, to all intents and purposes inherited from the Socialist Platform, is clearly inadequate for our purposes. The new version is more pithy and is in effect designed to constitute our maximum programme.

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Ukraine: Great power tug of war

The US and the EU are on one side, Russia is on the other; the human victims are the Ukrainian population, writes Eddie Ford

Italy: Back into the centre of politics

Haggling over the new electoral law has given the former premier some breathing space, writes Toby Abse

Labour: Democracy versus patronage

The stench of leader loyalty hangs over the Collins proposals to ‘mend’ Labour’s trade union link, writes Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists

Labour: Another Blairite collaborator

Paul Demarty wonders why Sally Morgan of Ofsted was allowed to collaborate with Gove in the first place

TUSC: Looking over its shoulder

Daniel Harvey reports on Tusc’s local election conference

Art: Postmodernism, fetishism and Marxism

Libertarianism is no substitute for a Marxist critique, writes Rex Dunn, as the ‘racist chair’ controversy continues to rage

Iran Review: Outrage comes cheap

Tom Munday reviews: Negar Azarbayjani, 'Facing mirrors', 2011

Climate change: Overcoming the division

Robert Eagleton offers his comments on the floods that have hit south-west England


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